December 15, 2005

US Government murders and abuses Citizens!.

This week has been a whirlwind of civil liberties abuses and lots of fighting in congress over the Patriot Act!

Let's start off with the horrible story about the innocent man who was murdered by US marshals here in Miami's International Airport. On they have the details of this disgusting story filled with the government's abuse on our civil liberties, privacy, and worst of all... our own lives! Check out these sick quotes:

The government's most shameless lie concerns what happened next. It alleges that Rigo Alpizar was shouting "I have a bomb!" as he fled. ... Indeed, no passenger even remembers Alpizar'’s uttering the "B-word," though everyone agrees the air marshals and the FBI have. Copiously. CNN reported that "Dave Adams, a spokesman for the Federal Air Marshal Service, said Alpizar had run up and down the plane's aisle yelling, 'I have a bomb in my bag.'"

... That contrasts with a passenger who "recalled Alpizar saying, 'I've got to get off, I've got to get off.'" ...

Also chasing poor Rigo were the marshals. Intriguingly, they were the only witnesses to Alpizar'’s distress who concluded he posed a threat; no one else described Rigo as dangerous... But he didn'’t fool our crack team of Robocops. They followed him onto the jetway and shot him because, they claimed, he had hollered about a bomb and was reaching into his backpack to detonate it. No explosives were found on Rigo'’s body or in his baggage.

Further proof that the TSA exists to dominate, intimidate and control passengers comes from the abuse of Flight 924's surviving ones. As always when the government alleges a threat, everyone in the vicinity is considered NOT a victim of said threat but an agent of it. That sent a variety of brutes, from SWAT teams to local police, swarming aboard the plane.

Another passenger told Time Magazine, "I was on the phone with my brother. Somebody came down the aisle and put a shotgun to the back of my head and said put your hands on the seat in front of you. I got my cell phone karate chopped out of my hand. Then I realized it was an official... They were pointing the guns directly at us instead of pointing them to the ground. One little girl was crying. There was a lady crying all the way to the hotel."

Thankfully, and a few Democrats and (*gasp*) Republicans . This is the same law that allows such abuses of government power that took place aboard that airplane to go unchecked. Sign , help Senator Feingold , contact your local news media, get pissed and make noise!

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At 12/31/2005 2:18 PM, Blogger Kathleen Callon said...

Gasp is right. Is the world ending? Just kidding.? Hope all is well.


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