December 12, 2005

The Rummy and Saddam milkshake

has got to be one of the best websites to keep bookmarked on your browser (hopefully you now use ). Today they give us a lil' refresher on the history of the US and Iraq's war-torn relationship: specifically Donald Rumsfeld's infamous hand shake with Saddam Hussein. Check out :
Rumsfeld met with Hussein in Baghdad on behalf of the Reagan administration, opening up strong diplomatic and military ties that lasted through six more years of Saddam’s murderous brutality.

As it happens, the initial trial of Saddam and co-defendants is focusing on grisly crimes that occurred the year before Rumsfeld gripped his hand.

How convenient! We're not taking Saddam to trial for the or anything else he did AFTER the deal was made . No, no, no, can't have a trial that might involve the Neo-Con Republican rat-bastards of the Bush Crime Family. and tell a friend or two, God know the news won't do it.

9/11 and the Iraq War are the direct result of decades of . Go watch and you'll catch a glimpse into this web of US government and corporate influences in the Oil-rich gulf. (Again why we need to declare !)


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Just did a post about this post. Love your blog.


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