December 14, 2005

Juvenile ate Bush and 50 Cent!

Here's some hot shit from a "Hot Boy" regarding 50 Cent and the Bush Crime Family's response to Hurricane Katrina (from
While many, including Kanye West have bashed the government's relief efforts, Juvey was shocked upon learning that 50 referred to Katrina as an "act of God" and said officials "responded to it the best way they can."

"I ain't know 50 said that," Juvey told in disbelief. "If he believe they did the best they could, you wrong like a motherfucka. You got it twisted homie. You make it bad for yourself man. You'll lose all records sales down here with that stuff. I ain't know that's what he said. People from New Orleans don't know that.

"I mean the tsunami was an act of God," he added. "The way they reacted towards that...I'm looking at them spend maybe five to six billions of dollars every month on a war that ain't even ours over somebody else's oil. You're telling me that you can't fund [a] part of your country with the right amount of money to take care of these people. New Orleans ain't even a big city so how could you have that problem. I heard that the families [of 9/11] got funded. And that ain't even a whole city. That's really one building that had two branches. It's [New Orleans] a whole city, so you're telling me they did the best they could?"

Okay Juvey, now that you're pissed as fuck why not drop more political material on your albums? The Might killed it with the , Juvenile should speak on the corruption in this government and the huge waste of lives and money in this fake Iraq War. Hip Hop needs a rebirth!


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