December 07, 2005

Diebold insider snitches! More proof of stolen Bush election

This IS the most important story coming out this week, forget everything else. These rat-bastard, crooked-ass, corrupt, sons of bitches and whores that make up the Bush Crime Family are again being exposed for benefiting from election fraud!
Diebold, the Republican-ass-kissing corporation that provided that fucked up election machines for the and (among others) was recently exposed by a company insider. Check out these quotes from the exclusive Raw Story article:
Previous revelations from the whistleblower have included evidence that Diebold'’s upper management and top government officials knew of backdoor software in Diebold'’s central tabulator before the 2004 election, but ignored urgent warnings, such as a posted on the Internet.

"“This is a very dangerous precedent that needs to be stopped,— that'’s the corporate takeover of elections,"” the source warned. "“The majority of election directors don'’t understand the gravity of what they'’re dealing with. The bottom line is who is going to tamper with an election? A lot of people could, but they assume that no one will."”

Read the rest of the article, it explains how sweet-talks state officials into using their corrupt voting machines.

"It's not who votes that counts. It's who counts the votes." -- Joseph Stalin

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