December 08, 2005

Alternative Solutions: Helium 3 Fusion

Continuing with Chico Town's alternative energy solutions series, we bring you . It's a type of nuclear fusion reaction that produces hardly any of the harmful radioactive waste that causes 3-eyed fish and sterile nut sacks. Helium 3 provides more bang for the buck since just a ton of the stuff is equivalent to $4 Billion dollars worth of oil!
The website interviewed this week on his efforts to make our planet a better place (he even planted 1.3 Million Trees himself) and promote alternatives to our oil addiction. The following quotes from the article that are sure to piss you off:
"If you don't get financing behind revolutionary-thinking scientists and scientific studies, you can't get anywhere.

He said that during the filming of a documentary, he interviewed the head of the solar lab at Sandia in New Mexico where they were "looking at massive breakthroughs in solar power and they're crying for money over there. There's no money." He added that neither the current Bush Administration nor the previous Clinton Administration provided the lab with enough money to pursue these potential breakthroughs.

...He's so keenly interested in Helium 3 as not only an earth-bound power source but as a propulsion system that could accelerate a spaceship to one-tenth the speed of light. He said the NASA's head of propulsion technology personally told him that he was excited about it's possibilities, but without private funding or Congressional appropriations the technology would have to sit on the shelf.

With the costing over 200 BILLION dollars, its a shame that we couldn't toss 10 Million to fund a . Read more on David Sereda's work in developing Helium-3 and even a lil' something about UFO's and such.


At 12/12/2005 12:05 PM, Anonymous T.J. said...

You forgot to mention that Helium3 is mostly found on the moon. Until we're making round trips to the Moon with large enough cargo rockets this type of energy investment is a bit wasteful. You are putting the horse before the cart, as the saying goes.

At 12/12/2005 3:01 PM, Blogger chico-towner said...

Helium 3 is also found on Earth and it may also be the prefered Jet Fuel of the future according to NASA. So this type of technology will aid in getting more Helium 3 efficiently. It is the solution to it's own supply problems. It's better to invest in the future than to linger in the past causing more wars and agression.


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