November 15, 2005

Help Conyers fight the Patriot Act!

With indictments in the White House, errors in the pre-war intelligence, the FBI admitting that the 9/11 Hijackers were actually under surveillance, there is no doubt that the national security breaches that we've suffered were from pure government incompetence.

Why then are they still pushing the disastrous "Patriot Act" to force the American public to take the blame? Stripping civil liberties is NOT going to solve our national security crisis, but better leadership in the executive branch will (... meaning... Impeach BUSH).

Until the day we can clean out the Bush Crime Family, investigate these criminals, and reform our national security agencies without shitting on our citizen's civil rights... we're just gonna have to fight tooth-n-nail to oppose the Patriot Act.

The Republicans again prove they hate America by continuing to fight for preserving the Patriot Act! Click here to take action, write to your local paper, make noise, and join Rep. John Conyers in this never-ending struggle against tyranny!


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