November 07, 2005

The Future of the Media?

With newspaper circulation dropping, big newspaper companies being forced to sell, and more and more people turning to the internet to get up-to-the-minute news... the future of the media is clear.

Analyze how is now the most visited blog online (source: TTLB) with damn near 800,000 visitors a day. Clearly, people are constantly seeking alternatives to the conservative and corporate media machines that have dominated the mainstream for the last century.

Also, think about how internet access is going to become a public utility, kinda like electricity, sewer and water services, and our telephone lines. Soon every man, woman, and child will be online for little or no money!

The playing field for getting our info is being leveled. Imagine the day when no single voice or ideology has a monopoly on the media or the distribution of content.

Independent journalists, artists, musicians, photographers, etc., can spread their message in an open-market of ideas. (Kinda like what Al Gore mentioned in a speech a while back.)

This beautiful vision of the future is what our founding fathers imagined when they made this great experiment called the United States. A place where the people can discuss, debate, and form logical solutions to society's problems.

Today, the pussy-ass Bush Crime Family and the bitch-ass corporate media still censor dissenting voices and ideas. Their lies, propaganda, and coordinated cover-ups have gotten us into a whole lot of shit this past 6 years. But if these new clues on the future of the media are any indication... "we the people" are going to have the last laugh.


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