November 22, 2005

Alternative Solutions: Synth Fuel

"Montana's reserves can power every American car for decades!"

The Bush Crime Family's bullshit, lies, and crimes against humanity provide us with endless blog posts on why they suck and why Republicans (and those few coward-ass Democrats) are the scum of the earth!

Okay, now that you got the point that Bush sucks donkey balls in hell with Satan... we're gonna talk about real solutions to our current issues. At the top of the list is America's dependence on foreign oil.

Bush's family has profited from the oil business for decades. The big oil companies in the US love the profits from having our federal government in their pockets. "Big Oil" is like the Mafia in this country and they're preventing any effort towards promoting Alternative sources of energy.

But did you know that the state of Montana has enough coal that (when converted into liquid synthetic fuel) it could almost take us off the foreign oil fix completely? Aint that some shit? Why haven't we taken advantage of this? Because the big oil companies have always "cock-blocked" the development of synthetic fuels that use America's own coal reserves. They chose their profits over the needs of the American people and the federal government couldn't give a shit!

Read more about synthetic fuels, where they come from, how we USED TO HAVE THEM, and how the big oil companies helped bury any chance of being less dependent on foreign oil.

Synthetic Fuels are NOT a perfect solution to our energy problems but it's a step toward preventing wars and problems with the folks in the Middle East who currently are sitting on of that liquid crack that American's are hooked on.


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