November 01, 2005

According to Republicans, VP Dick Cheney should be Impeached!

Thanks to the Carpetbagger Report for this one...

Lets take a trip back to 1998 when President Bill Clinton was lying to the American public on national TV about getting head from intern Monica Lewinski. According to the Republican Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr (who wrote the pornographic "Starr Report") the following is an impeachable offence:
... if there was evidence that a constitutional officer in the current White House had lied to the country, on national television, about a subject that was under a federal investigation.

Using that standard... Clinton got impeached!

Now lets fast forward to November 2005, using the same standard set by Ken Starr and the Republicans of the 90's, is anyone we know of in the Bush Crime Family impeachable?

Yeah, Dick Cheney!

Is Cheney a constitutional officer? Yes. Did he lie to the country? Yes. On national television? Yes. About a subject that was under a federal investigation at the time? Yes.

Read the full story to see how this applies to Vice President Dick Cheney. Unless the Republican sacks-of-shit in this country want to publicly proclaim that they are hypocrites... this standard MUST also APPLY to the Bush Crime Family!

There's nothing wrong with demanding that our elected officials tell us the truth whether they be Democrats or Republicans. Clinton did it first, now it's time to fry the Bush Crime Family.

Thank God the Democrats shut down the Senate today to get to the bottom of their lies!

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Hi from Canada.
Your Blog is very interesting! Keep on going!
I will talk about it to my friends.

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