October 07, 2005

Something Wicked This Way Comes

The recent posts about republican corruption, Bush's new speeches about biological epidemics & military control of US cities, and New York's new terror alerts all smell like the Bush Crime Family might be up their old tricks.

Never has the Republican party been in such terrible shape in the last 10 years. Indictments, investigations, allegations, corruption, faith-based hypocrisy, low poll numbers, dissent within their own party, shit is getting thick for the Bush Crime Family.

They need a new epidemic, a new disaster, a new attack on our peace, a new reason to rally behind the federal government for protection; a new reason to give up more freedoms.

Read the full post on DailyKos.com with more evidence of this possible disaster that the Bush's folks may be cooking up to divert our attention from their crimes and court cases. The neo-cons will do anything to prevent loosing their power.

God save us all if this blog post comes true.


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