October 31, 2005

Scalito will eat your babies!

New Supreme court candidate, Samuel Alito is a motherfucker!

According to the Rude Pundit, Bush's new Supreme Court nomination (after pussy ass Harriet Miers was eaten alive by nutty republicans), Samuel Alito, is a real motherfucker.

Check out Judge Samuel Alito's record to see why he's a backwards, racist, anti-privacy, anti-women's rights, anti-children, corporate-loving rat bastard!

Sam Alito, aka "Scalito", is considered one of the most extreme judges in this country. With this nomination Bush proves again that he's the bitch for the extreme-wacko-right-wing dumb fucks of this country. When will we ever have a president that represents the majority again?

Democrats will win this fight just like they did on the Social Security issue. Again, America will see that the Bush Crime Family is wrong for this country (and the world...).


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