October 01, 2005

Good Cops want to Legalize Drugs

First all, good cops do exist! Second of all, those who have been in the trenches of the "War on Drugs" have seen first hand how corrupt and immoral the entire thing is. Check out these quotes from this article:
"Let's be honest," Cole said. "The war on drugs has taken an incredible toll in terms of the loss of our civil liberties, particularly in terms of the Fourth Amendment, from property forfeiture laws that fund law enforcement agencies to warrantless searches. It's promoted institutionalized racism, and it's created a systemic level of corruption among law enforcement unheard of prior to its initiation."

...Statistics show that whites use more than 70 percent of all illegal drugs, blacks are sentenced to prison for drug crimes seven times more often than whites.

... In 2004 in the United States " with a higher percent of its population in prison than any country in the world" the incarceration rate for black males was 4,919 per 100,000 (compared to 726 overall).

Even considering the harm that drugs can cause, however, LEAP members believe that the war on drugs is even more harmful. Legalizing drugs, on the other hand, would take profits out of the hands of criminals and hugely reduce the need for people to commit crime to pay for drugs, they say.

"Don’t forget my favorite," Woolridge said. "If, as Bush said, drug money funds terrorists, [then] legalizing drugs would take half a billion dollars a day out of Afghanistan alone, much of which is going to al Qaeda to buy weapons to be used to kill our boys. We could eliminate that overnight."

It gets deeper, read it here to see more. The "War on Drugs" again proves to create corruption, racism, violations of civil rights, a huge waste of tax payer's dollars, etc, etc, and all that other good stuff.

Tell a friend, tell a Congressman, we need to end the War on Drugs for the sake of humanity, take a cop's word for it.



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