October 19, 2005

Bush knew... Bush Lied... Bush hates America.

According to the New York Daily News, Bush knew over 2 years ago that his top aide, Karl "bitch ass" Rove, WAS involved in leaking the identity of a CIA spy.

For the next 2 years Bush then went on TV and the news and promised to "fire" anyone in his administration who was involved in leaking the top-secret identity of a CIA spy in the field of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Yet, with grand jury investigations, indictment news, and even with rumors of Vice President Dick "Go fuck yourself" Cheney being involved (and maybe resigning), Bush still doesn't fire Rove and still acts like he didn't know squat. He lied to the public, again!

There is absolutely NO REASON to support the Bush Crime Family anymore. If you voted for him... please, please for the love of Jesus and Mary come to your senses and do what's right for a change. We need to impeach bush.

Bush hates America and he sure as hell hates you!


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