September 26, 2005

Pro-War Bush Lovers are Loosing

Washington D.C. hosted pro and anti war rallies

Here's an estimate of the number of people who showed up for this past weekend's activities in Washington D.C.:

  • Anti-WAR / Anti-Bush: Over 100,000+ (... some say over 300,000)

  • Pro-WAR / Bush lovers: 400 (... *cricket*... *cricket*...)

    The people have spoken this past weekend! The numbers don't lie... Bush does. It's getting kinda hard for the Bush Crime Family to rally enough support for more DEATH and Destruction in a war they obviously lied to the world about.

    One sign that a bush-lover had in D.C. read "Saddam Was a WMD". Very nice... not only was he admitting that Bush lied but he's also covering up for the lies in a loosing attempt to redeem a lost cause. Yes, we all remember clearly how Collin Powell went before the United Nations with a miniature Saddam Hussein in his hand.

    It's over for the Bush Crime Family. They are loosing support fast.

    Too bad they had to arrest Cindy Sheehan today for believing that she lived in a "free country". Isn't that what her son died for?

    See the DailyKos photos of the huge Anti-War protest on Sept 24th here.


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