September 05, 2005

Hip Hop Hurricane: from Kanye to Juvenile

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina's destruction of the Gulf coast and the Bush Crime Family's (and FEMA's) inexcusable abandonment of the victims, Hip Hopers are reacting, speaking out, pointing fingers, and planning concerts.

We start with Kanye West who said on national TV that "George Bush doesn't care about Black people", which was edited out by the good folks at NBC. Kanye was stuttering and seemed a bit nervous but it took balls to go off the prepared script that NBC gave him just to speak truth to power (See the video here). Hopefully Kanye isn't just doing this to create more publicity for his new album, we would love to see him and other emcees keep the heat on the Bush Crime Family!

  • Jay-Z and Diddy (who stole his name from the lil monkey in Donkey Kong Country) donated $1 million bucks and items of clothing from their Roc-a-wear and Sean John lines.

  • Ludacris and David Banner will participate in a Hurricane relief concert September 10th.

  • Juvenile lost just about everything in the storm and in a radio interview said he "wasn't pointing any fingers" but mentioned that if we could supply troops and supplies to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars we could damn sure help the people of New Orleans!

  • Choppa (from Mtv's "Making Da Band") left his homes and several friends who drowned. He also mentioned that the houses of several Cash Money members were also underwater since they live on the same block.

  • Master P lost a home and launched a website ( to help get relief. He also plans on doing an album with Baby and other Cash Money artists to benefit the relief effort.

  • Lil' Wayne's mother and daughter were stranded in the flooded city for days.

  • James Prince, the CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records, opened up a shelter in Houston for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

  • Chuck D from Public Enemy wrote and recorded "Hell No We Ain'’t Alright" this past Labor day weekend addressing the bullshit that went on with the racism in the media and the government over the relief efforts. (Read the lyrics here)

    In all, many artists lost homes, studio equipment, family, property, etc. Thank God they are all alive and working towards improving this situation. If the Bush Crime Family doesn't care enough about this tragedy, atleast our own people are strong enough to carry the weight. That's the power of Hip Hop when it is at it's best!

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    At 9/07/2005 12:07 PM, Blogger acabrera said...

    It was a great idea for Kanye to say something really controversial while attempting to raise money for a disaster. I'm sure a bunch of people saw that and said, "well shit, bush hate black folk, let me send money right now".

    If that's how Kanye feels that's fine, but when you raising money for the worst natural disaster to hit this country it's probably not the best time to make controversial political statements.

    At 9/27/2005 8:11 PM, Blogger TOTAL_REPUBLICAN said...

    you know what you are all a bunch of fuck heads, pull your heads out of your asses and observe the world arround you, Bush is not racist nor is the whole Bush administration. It really bothers me to hear black people talking about them selves in the way the do, example a black man can call another black man a nigger, and it is ok but if I call him a nigger ooh no i am a racist pig. take a look at Jessie Jackson that guy believes that everyone on the face of the earth is racist aginst him, just listen to the way he talks, he wants to be treated equal, yet he speaks ebonics and is toatly uneducated. Every person in America is given a fair chance the recieve a full education but obvisiously he chose not to. I really don't understand how Kanye can make a statement stating that Bush hates black people, someone please enlighten me. He states that bush never got the black people out first, well reality check there are more black in New Orleans than whites and most of them are very poor, so they had to stay behind, so what he is suggesting is racisim as in lets pull out all the blacks before the whites. who every wrote this article needs to really wake up and look around, take a deep breath and get your facts strait, because for anyone to say some one is racist aginst them by just looking at them, you know what i mean, they themselves are being racist.


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