September 13, 2005

Get on the bus to impeach bush!

Join the massive protest in D.C. September 24!

Everyone and their mother is getting ready to head out to Washington D.C. to join the massive anti-war / impeachment / "Bush sucks donkey balls" protest in front of the White House and Washington Monument.

There will also be a free concert featuring The Coup, (those hip hop guys who coincidentally dropped an album right around 9/11/01 with a pic of them blowing up the World trade center) Head Roc War Machine, the Grammy award winning Air America Radio host Steve Earl and other activist/performers.

This will be a historical 3-day event with all kinds of planned activities aimed at protesting the Bush Crime Family (click here for info).

Click on the banners, visit, click here for bus and carpooling info in your area, pack your shit, make a big ass sign, and join the revolution. Peace!


At 9/14/2005 7:52 AM, Anonymous Inquisitor said...

Perhaps it is the 'American Dream' that needs 'impeaching'. Time to look for the causes of the Bush phenomenon and not blame natural corollaries of the system. As i'm inclined to say, Bush, Katrina, Iraq, 'Terrorism', 9/11, and 'etc' 'etc', are the aftermaths of a prior Disaster that has avoided the masses' attention because of its socialised tendency to mistake the effects for the cause.


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