September 21, 2005

FEMA's Katrina Cards & Commercial Hip Hop

The WorldNetDaily is reporting that the $2000 debit cards that FEMA handed out to the storm victims are reportedly being used at strip clubs, Louis Vuitton stores, and other luxury establishments. Check out this report:
Meanwhile, in Memphis, Tenn., residents told News Channel 3 they saw Hurricane Katrina survivors purchase designer jeans, high heels and purses with their $2,000 emergency debit cards. According to the report, one Katrina victim was spotted at a Cordova clothier buying stacks of $65 designer jeans. Another viewer reported spotting a survivor buying "over $700 in high heel shoes and purses" at a Memphis department store "while (her) younger children, most of them looked under the age of 3, looked like they haven't showered in weeks."

Even though they don't specify the race of the victims in question, you can imagine that commercial (pop) Hip Hop and it's saturation of bling bling bullshit comes to mind when you read this. Check out Young City's (aka Choppa) Bad Boy South debut video "Lil' Daddy", that was filmed in New Orleans before Katrina, and you'll see a young rapper flashing big cars and jewelry out in the hood. It's kinda like he's taunting the kids and the inner-city residents with his (**cough**rented**cough**) riches.

Why put so much pressure on our own people and on our communities to have to conform to that standard of success? The over-saturation on the radio and in the culture that you NEED a bullshit Louis Vuitton hand bag or some platinum grills has our communities confused. (Hey Puff Daddy, we love ya for the support!)

Also, on the whole FEMA debit card issue, they are damned if they do, damned if they don't. By canceling the debit card system and doing direct deposits to bank accounts they are alienating most of the folks in the hood who DON'T have bank accounts. Honestly, how many banks do you see in the ghetto? All you see (those of us who actually still visit the inner city) is "check cashing" spots on every other corner. Lets just have the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity keep up their good work of feeding, clothing, and housing the storm victims.

Basically, watch the Young City music video and keep in mind that the same New Orleans folks in the back ground will loose their homes within a few weeks of the video shoot taping. Then, some will probably use their FEMA funds to try to be just like Young City and Lil Wayne and Baby and Master P and ...

Thank God those same rappers all donated money to the victims. But what IF Katrina would have never hit?


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