September 28, 2005

Corruption that stinks all the way to the bank!

The Republican leadership in this country is full of corrupt sacks of shit that have good Republican icons like Abe Lincoln rolling in his grave and Ronald Reagan... umm... maybe he's proud but kinda pissed cuz they actually got caught. Who knows about Ronnie but Abe Lincoln is definitely not having it!

Tom Delay was indicted
by a grand jury in Texas today. A grand jury! That means that citizens of Texas saw enough evidence to formally indict the Republican Congressional Leader. His corruption has caught up to him and the people finally took notice.

This scandal with Tom Delay is proof again why we need Clean Elections in this country.

Also, Tom Delay was busy getting Texas' congressional districts redrawn to favor his Republican buddies who got elected... of course with a nice chunk of that illegal $190,000 check (which came from Corporate sources... making it illegal!).

The lesson we learned today, we need Clean elections to keep corporate and special interests out of our elections process AND we need fairly drawn congressional districts to REALLY represent the people fairly. If you are against empowering the people and cleaning up elections then you are as corrupt and selfish as the rat bastard Tom Delay himself.

Help Ohio and Florida have fair elections! Click on the link for each state to help out and then join the fight in your own state to prevent another Texas sized Republican scandal.

Go to for more on the Fair Elections movement.


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