August 19, 2005

We love the Peace Mom!

Cindy Sheehan's mini protest outside of George W. Bush's Texas ranch has turned into a nation wide anit-war revolution that's waking up true conservatives and Christians who are really starting to smell the bullshit of the Bush Crime Family. Cindy, who lost her son in Iraq last year, is giving every bitch-ass Republican a tough "vacation" this month.

The Washington Post couldn't have said it better:

Republican Party leaders are worried that the so-called Peace Mom has brought long-simmering unease over Iraq to a boil by galvanizing anti-war activists. They fear that protests will strike a chord with the large number of Americans who have long felt uneasy about the war yet have been giving Bush the benefit of the doubt.

The president's falling poll numbers _ less than 40 percent approve of his handling of Iraq _ could drop further, threatening his military plans in Iraq, his agenda at home and Republican political prospects in the 2006 congressional and gubernatorial elections.

Tell a friend, the lies of the Bush Crime Family are over. The damage they have done to this country and the lives of American families, like Cindy Sheehan's, has been enough. We've had enough, its time to elect Democrats (or responsible Libertarians, Greens, Independents, etc...) in 2006 who will pledge to IMPEACH BUSH and every last war criminal in this administration.

Click HERE to see pictures of the August 17, 2005 Nation-wide Vigils for Cindy Sheehan.

(Photo courtesy of the Associated Press)


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