August 18, 2005

Republicans eat babies!

Naw, just kidding (hopefully)... but ask Katherine Harris how it feels to get shited on and betrayed by her own political party. Stealing an election and betraying the American people is not an easy job, this woman really went all out for George W. Bush and the Republican party. So now that she needs their support in her campaign against FL Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, the Republicans are scared shitless that she's gonna loose badly. So the Republicans are asking Joe Scarborough (some dumb fuck with a Cable news show, but we don't have cable so who cares...) to run against Harris for the nomination and the chance to challenge the Democratic Senator. Its not about loyalty with these folks, its about winning at all costs weather it be lying, cheating, or shitin'... on their own. We hope she flips out and spills the beans on the election fraud and the dirty tactics of the Bush Crime Family. It's a beautiful thing to watch these fascist pigs tear each other down. God bless America!

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