August 05, 2005

Bush: Worst president ever?

Some will say (sorry for using the crappy ass "some will say" FUX Newz tactic of making it seem as if a personal point is shared by many others, but in this case its true...), that Bush is the worst president ever (here's proof, and here too!).
In a newly released poll, it seems that the country is finally waking up to the stupidity, the lies, and the bullshit of the Bush Crime Family. In a new AP story they drop a few findings such as:

  • Americans' approval of President Bush's handling of Iraq is at its lowest level yet
  • Approval of Bush's handling of Iraq ... dipped to 38 percent.
  • Midwesterners and young women and men with a high school education or less were most likely to abandon Bush on his handling of Iraq in the last six months.
  • Bush's overall job approval was at 42 percent, with 55 percent disapproving.
  • The portion of people who consider Bush honest has dropped slightly from January, when 53 percent described him that way while 45 percent did not. Now, people are just about evenly split on that issue — with 48 percent saying he's honest and 50 percent saying he's not.
  • But the portion of people who view his confidence as arrogance has increased from 49 percent in January to 56 percent now.
  • Six in 10 said they think the country is headed down the wrong track

  • Basically what that poll is saying is that people are starting to notice that Bush is a lying, arrogant, rat bastard who is sending our country down the crapper! From allowing traitors to keep jobs in the white house, shitting on the entire Senate while they are on vacation, making profits off War, and lying to the American people, this jerk-off is giving the presidency a bad name.

    We'll leave you with one final quote from that same AP story:

    "This country is a monarchy," said Charles Nuutinen, a 62-year-old independent from Greenville, Wis. "He's turning this country into Saudi Arabia. He does what he wants. He doesn't care what the people want."



    At 8/10/2005 6:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Everyone one of these so-called "offenses" you listed has been committed by just about every president in US history.

    In fact , as I remember, Clinton had altogether about 100+ recess appointees.

    Bush might be evil but you need to pick your fights better for this stuff your are listing is laughable.

    And don’t let the fact that you are from Chicago keep your from trying to do better next time around ....

    At 8/11/2005 5:57 PM, Blogger chico-towner said...

    Who's from Chicago?

    Check out what the Washington Post wrote about the recess appointments of the last three presidents:

    W. Bush is already at 106 with three more years to go (hopefully just one). So what's your point? Bolton was war criminal, Clinton appointed a blocked GAY philanthropist.

    So the so-called "offenses" were commited by just about every president in US History, but how many presidents commited ALL of them at the SAME TIME during their terms?

    Nixon and Hoover would be proud of Bush's accomplishments. God bless his administration and the boat loads of WMDs we found along with the great job in capturing Osama Bin Laden.


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