July 05, 2005

Extreme Right-wing Republican = Taliban/Al Qaida

We had to republish this great post from DailyKos.com that compares the crazy wacko extreme right-wing bastards in Washington D.C. like George W. Bush, Tom Delay (who said birth control pills caused the Columbine massacre), Bill Frist, Jerry Falwell, and many others. The crazy Bush Crime Family religious nuts who would have been part of the Salem Witch Hunts or the Inquisition a few hundred years ago are commonly referred to as the "American Taliban". Below is a comparison of the American Taliban with the real Taliban and of course we have the Liberals (us) to bring everything back down to earth.

Religion in government

Al Qaida/Taliban: One and the same
American Taliban: One and the same
Liberals: Separation of church and state


Al Qaida/Taliban: Religious indoctrination. Run by clergy.
American Taliban: School prayer. Religious indoctrination (creationism and "intelligent design"). Private religious school system.
Liberals: Leave religious teachings to parents and Sunday school.


Al Qaida/Taliban: No school, must cover entire body, no rights
American Taliban: Government control over reproductive freedoms, hostility to Title IX, hostility to working women
Liberals: Equality of the sexes

Religious freedom

Al Qaida/Taliban: 'Think like us, or we'll whiip you and/or chop off your head'
American Taliban: 'Think like us, or we'll condemn you to hell'
Liberals: To each her own


Al Qaida/Taliban: Eradicate them from society
American Taliban: Eradicate them from society
Liberals: Equality under the law


Al Qaida/Taliban: Torture them or chop off their heads
American Taliban: Torture them or homosexually rape them.
Liberals: No torture

Medicine and Science

Al Qaida/Taliban: Faith-based world view
American Taliban: Faith-based world view
Liberals: Reality-based community

Like Howard Dean said on "The Daily Show with John Stewart": The Democratic Party's core belief can be summed up into "Love thy neighbor as you thy yourself, but you don't get to pick your neighbors". Yet, the intolerant views of the American Taliban, by trying to force their beliefs & the government into your life, is the kinda of crap we need to continue fighting against every day!


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