July 12, 2005

Clean Money will Clean up our Government

Crooked politicians (like Tom Delay and George Bush) are funded by crooked corporations (like Walmart, MBNA, and Halliburton). No matter how hard we fight, usually good candidates hardly match the fundraising and influence of those corporate whores in the pockets of special interests.

The most logical solution is having Clean Money Campaign Reform (CMCR), something that already exists in several states with great results. Here's how its broken down:

Problem: Campaigns are too expensive
CMCR Solution: Limits campaign spending.

Problem: Too much special-interest influence
CMCR Solution: Prohibits special-interest contributions to participating candidates.

Problem: Candidates and lawmakers spend too much time chasing money
CMCR Solution: Eliminates need for fundraising.

Problem: Good people don't have a fair chance to compete
CMCR Solution: Provides a financially level playing field.

Problem: Large contributors are more important than individual voters
CMCR Solution: Restores principle of one person, one vote each with equal influence.

It's time to get to the root of our problems with these corrupt rat bastards that are ruining our country. Lets cut out their funding and level the playing field so that honest and respectable citizens can actually compete toe-to-toe with career politicians and win back our country for the people! Sounds crazy but we need to start fighting now so we'll have something left to fight for. Get involved with your local state government and get em' to reform our campaign finance laws. Peace!


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