July 28, 2005

America's NEW Declaration of independence!

Its time to stand up and join the national movement to make America energy independent by the year 2025. Check out the official website at www.ei2025.org.

He's a quick summary of the mission statement:
Our mission is to help America become more aware of the current and potential dangers of our being dependent upon other countries for our energy needs. We will also present possible solutions and highlight the benefits of becoming energy independent.

Our mission will be complete when the US has adopted a twenty year plan to achieve energy independence with the appropriate level of investment, assigned accountability and support by our elected officials to see this through to completion.

Al Gore was singing this song back in the 2000 election while Bush was talking about drilling in Alaska. See what good that brought us? Can anyone say "Iraq war"? Its better late than ever to get back on the track toward energy independence. No more wars for oil and no more debt to the Saudi royal family!


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