June 10, 2005

Impeach Bush on Downing Street

Check out Guerilla News Network's new article titled "Impeachment Fever and Media Politics" that explores the chances of bringing articles of impeachment on George W. Bush. Lots of you who have been following the news and who actually care about humanity know that Dubya is probably the worse president since Nixon! Richard Nixon too was damn near impeached before he resigned.

Interestingly, this article highlights one of the best Hispanic Congressmen in the history of Hispanic Congressmen: Henry B. Gonzalez, a Mexican-American democrat from Texas (pictured above). This guy had the balls to introduce impeachment charges on both Ronald Regean and Pappy Bush. Today, we need more brave democrats like Henry B. Gonzalez who are willing to fight against fascists like George W. Bush!

Impeaching Bush just got easier thanks to the recently leaked Downing Street Memo. This top-secret memo that was sent to the British before the Iraq war proves without a doubt that invading Iraq was bullshit! They admit in the memo that they planned to lie about the intelligence. What other proof do you need? We got this impeachment in the bag, we just need some congress members with cojones to step up.

Read the Downing Street Memo here: www.downingstreetmemo.com

To take action based on the Downing Street Memo go here: www.afterdowningstreet.org

To read the full GNN article click here: Impeachment Fever and Media Politics


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