June 17, 2005

Democrats grow a sack, Bush gets dicked!

Over 100 Representatives & Half a Million Citizens Unite against Bush!

You heard right, the Downing Street Memo we mentioned earlier that proved Bush lied about the reasons for war was the focus of this new congressional inquiry. The BCC in London reports:
More than 100 Democrats took part in the public forum, calling on the White House to explain the leaked UK memo.

Although the hearing in Washington was unofficial, a BBC correspondent says it coincides with waning public support for the war in Iraq.

President Bush denies he had made up his mind at the time to attack Iraq. (**cough** bullshit **cough**)

Sadly it also mentions that:
The affair has received scant coverage in the mainstream US media, although left-wing bloggers have had some success in bringing it to public attention.

Why is it that ChicoTown.com and other independent voices are covering this historic event while Fux Newz, CNN, NBC, CBS, and the other media whores are busy covering Michael Jackson, the Runaway Bride, and missing girls in Aruba? You decide...

Shout outs to Representative John Conyers Jr.(D-MI) for organizing the petition and the hearings that called out the Bush Crime Family's lies. Again go to www.impeachbush.org and join the massive impeachment movement that's building up!


At 6/22/2005 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bad idea, if you impeach bush you get stuck with dick.


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