June 16, 2005

Congress to Cut Big Bird!

File this one under "WTF???".

Congress wants to completely cut all funding for Sesame Street! They finally want to do away with this landmark in children's programming that featured one of the first mixed casts on television. Check out what Ifè Oshun had to say in her new editorial:
Most of the hip-hop generation was raised with Sesame Street, and many of us now have little ones of our own who sing along with Elmo. This show has featured guests ranging from Queen Latifah to Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan. It continues to be revolutionary, depicting a diverse world where people (and puppets) get along despite their "differences," and promoting tolerance, peace and harmony. Certain government employees whose salary is paid with our tax dollars see no value in this, but will gladly fork over billions for war.

Sign this petition now to help save public broadcasting from getting axed by these rat bastards. Is anything sacred?

(Oscar the Grouch pic c/0 the Wikipedia Sesame Street Page)


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