May 13, 2005

UPDATE: The Anti-Gang Bill Passed!

Yeah, that horrible gang bill that we mentioned earlier this week has just passed in the House of Representatives with a 279-144 vote. Here are two fucked up quotes from the CNN story:

While the bill authorizes $387.5 million over the next five years to fight street crimes, Democrats said the cost of accommodating new prison inmates alone would exceed $9 billion over the next decade.


... sentencing requirements would disproportionately affect minorities, remove the discretion of judges and swell prison populations without stopping crime.

These assholes want to keep us locked up instead of spending the 387.5 million on better schools, after school programs, and community development programs to improve our standards of living. But remember, under that law even rap groups are considered a gang just for having 3 or more people! Are any of you pissed yet? Are we going to continue rhyming about bling bling bullshit when congress is sentencing our people to DEATH and LIFE IN PRISON simply for trying to survive? Wake up!


At 5/13/2005 4:30 PM, Anonymous Kill Whitey said...

once again crackers with money = SaTAN i cant even believe that they passed that shit I guess for now on im hanging in pairs fuck a group a gang consit of 3 or more people... and we got a big click of niggas we finan walk the streets in pairs from now on... man this fucking cracker goverment got me wishing i lived in fucking mars i bet the aliens got shit on lock...... and these puppet rappers who are controlled by crackers who can acutlly touch the nation with they words wont say shit about it and i bet if one of them has the balls to do it that shit wont even get pushed.. unless jay-z says so remember he can call stations and deny airplay fucking craker puppets..... Chiko's, blacks, asians, all other race but crackers should get together and make our own damn congress call that bitch the house where no crackers allowed see how they like that shit


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