May 20, 2005

Styles P is too BLACK for radio

As reported on, Styles P's new single "I'm Black" is not getting the love it deserves on mainstream radio. Like the report mentioned, on his debut album, Holiday Style's first single was about smoking week and getting "high, high, high, everyday..." and boom its everywhere!!! Now he feels compelled to write something conscious and relevant to the black community and it's shunned. It's a shame, check out the report:

Though the song hasn't officially been banned, it has yet to garner significant airplay. On the song, Styles, who is mostly known for his tough talk, delivers an uplifting message backed by Floetry. "I'm Black/ Even though my skin's kinda light/ That means my ancestors was raped by somebody white," Styles offers in the first verse. Now heads are saying that the... single... has been blacklisted because it doesn't fit radio's ideal portrayal of blackness. While "I'm Black" has been snubbed, Styles' 2002 weed anthem, "Good Times" received massive nationwide airplay. "I'm Black" was released in early 2005 and has yet to pick up steam.

The song is really tight, if crap like "White Tee's" can get crazy spins on the radio then "I'm Black" should at least get some late-nite play. Like dead prez says "Turn off the RADIO / Turn off that bullshit!"


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