May 19, 2005

Star Wars: Anti Bush

Well it's not really just anti Bush, its anti-fascism, anti-dictatorships, and in some parts (sorry for the spoiler), anti-acting. Episode III anyways. But we're not here to give a movie review just touch on the obvious anti-Bush messages found in the Star Wars Saga. At the Cannes film festival, Director George Lucas dropped these quotes regarding Star Wars Episode III:

"The issue was, how does a democracy turn itself into a dictatorship?" he said.
He acknowledged an uncomfortable feeling that the United States was in danger of losing its democratic ideals, like in the movie.

"I didn't think it was going to get this close. I hope this doesn't come true in our country."

Although he didn't mention Bush by name, Lucas took what sounded like another dig while explaining the transformation of the once-good Anakin Skywalker to the very bad Darth Vader.

"Most bad people think they're good people," he said.

It's the same way that the Bush Crime Family claim they are doing God's work by attacking other nations. In Star Wars, the emperor is playing both sides, the Seperatists and the Republic, he helped build the Clone army AND the Droid Army, created a huge war between the armies, convinced the galactic senate that he needed emergency powers to fight the war, eroded the freedom's of the citizens of the Republic, and inevitably created a huge empire with a big ass army that he got to keep after the "war" ended. A war he created.

Isn't it funny how Osama Bin Laden was once trained and armed by the United States also? Isn't funny how OUR senate was duped into enacting crap like the Patriot Act that erodes our own personal liberties?

Too bad the Jedi have more balls than the Democrats in their attempt at stopping the Empire from emerging. We'd put Yoda in office in a heart beat.

Related Hip Hop Quotable:
"Cause America's been took - it's plain to see /
The oldest trick in the book is MAKE an enemy
Of phony evil so the government can do it's dirt /
And take away ya freedom lock and load, beat and search"

- Paris on "What Would you Do?" of the album Sonic Jihad


At 5/19/2005 9:32 PM, Blogger chico-towner said...

for all of you star warz fans here is a detailed essay on the Star wars political conections that goes deeper into the plot and how it relates to the Bush Crime Family:


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