May 13, 2005

Might Mos Def - the friggin Savior of Hip Hop

While some of ya'll might not have liked The New Danger, Mos is back at it again recording for his third album and a possible new Black Star album with Talib Kweli. But Mos had some tough words for the Lil' Jon's East Side Boyz and Interscope Record's head honcho Jimmy Iovine. On they quoted Mos Def in The Source saying:

"Our priorities is gettin' fucked. Lil Jon-I love his music. But why are the East Side Boyz names Big Sam and Lil Bo? What the fuck? What's next, Kunta and Kinte? ... What are we supposed to tell our kids? After Malcolm, Martin and Dubois we got Sam-Bo? I'm supposed to be down with that 'cause it makes me dance?"

"Lyor is NOT happy about Jay Z being president of [Def Jam]. I dont give a fuck what he say. If the dude could go from rhyming to being a CEO in 10 years or less, what is he going to be in 15 or 20? He might have Lyor's job at this rate"

Ya'll need to download "The Rapeover" from iTunes right now if you don't already have the track. Mos Def is spitting straight fire, aiming for the throat of the Hip Hop industry. This guy should run for president!


At 5/13/2005 4:00 PM, Anonymous Kill Whitey said...

Man Jay-Z is Gay and so is I-Tunes (cuz i aint got it)and they all ran by crakers so fuck the crackers and they gimmick scheme... Big Sam and lil Bo probaly was giving the names by a Craker with Money.... Mos Def is cool and he aint no sell out Fuck them crackers...... thats all i have to say

At 5/13/2005 4:41 PM, Anonymous younggunna said...

Jay-Z is the truth! holla



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