May 02, 2005

Keeping tabs on Bush's Soap Opera

Lets get this straight, Condi Rice is beefing with Venezuela but pissed off a bunch of Latin American governments who aint having that shit. Condi is also stirring up beef with Iran and just told North Korea to bring on the nukes. Iran said they're not giving up their nuclear program. Tony Blair was found to have agreed to join the war with Bush waaaaay before congress even approved it. For the 100th time the CIA made it official, NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION WHERE FOUND in IRAQ! Also In Iraq, we just had the deaths of 138 Civilians, 11 Americans, and an Australian was taken hostage. Italy is pissed that we murdered one of their secret service agents as we tried to assassinate one of their reporters ...

And the mainstream news is busy covering runaway brides and Laura Bush's jokes about George Dubya giving a horse a hand-job on his Texas ranch (true story!). God bless America.


At 5/02/2005 10:07 PM, Anonymous fdr-III said...

he proly slapped her when they got home. take that woman!

At 5/02/2005 10:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you've got a problem with Rice getting pissed and not putting up with the shit from two communist governments?


At 5/04/2005 9:35 AM, Blogger chico-towner said...

No the problem is with the media covering stupid shit like runaway brides, laura bush's jokes, American Idol scandals, and other crap instead of putting those issues at the fore front. We're more worried about Jacko's case than Iran's nuke program. Dats wuzzup!


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