April 08, 2005

We need a Chico Pope!

First of all, aint' it weird that a Solar eclipse coincided with Pope John Paul II's funeral? Also, aint' it strange that:
Two eclipses occurred near Palestine in AD29 and AD33 - events that, for some Christians, give astronomical proof to the biblical account that the sky darkened at Jesus' death on the cross.

Just wanted to start off the post with some paranormal thoughts, now on to the program.

The Atlanta Daily World reports on the need for an African or Latin Pope due to the Catholic church's mixed racial make-up. They report that a non-European Pope would ...
... bridge the Muslim and Christian divide, make battling poverty, the inter-ethnic and religious violence, and the damaging economic side effects of rampaging globalization big priorities, and place strong emphasis on social and economic reforms in poor countries.

The Baltimore Sun reports :
The five most often mentioned candidates from the developing world are Nigerian-born Cardinal Francis Arinze, 72; Cardinal Claudio Hummes, 70, of Brazil; Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga, 62, of Honduras; Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, 68, of Argentina, who has Italian ancestry; and Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, 62, archbishop of Mexico City. (look em up!)

Whether or not you agree with the Catholic church or the papacy, you can't deny the power and global influence they have for shaping world policy. Pope John Paul II (R.I.P.) may not be a saint to some, but he was a heck of a hard-working, world traveling, peace loving (he opposed the friggin' Iraq War!!!), breakdancer blessing, religious leader the world needed. Now lets get some "color" into the Vatican this time around guys, and more breakdancers!


At 4/08/2005 5:46 PM, Anonymous bill-912 said...

what are you trying to say with the eclipse thing. That the pope is like Jesus? I don't get it. The pope was just a man. But I agree the next pope should be latino or black.

At 4/08/2005 7:18 PM, Anonymous -KrA|v$E- said...

More b-boys and graf artitsts in the Vatican! Lets start the petition. I know some graf artists that can tag up better than Davinci and those other fools that got a crack at the Vatican. Hip Hop is taking over.


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