April 18, 2005

Immigrants: Shoot em or Use em?

The Republican party is undecided on whether to shoot or abuse immigrants according to a new story by the Christian Science Monitor. A group of "vigilantes" (as Bush calls them) who go by the name The Minutemen, have volunteered their time to patrol the Arizona / Mexican border, armed and ready to shoot. While Bush and his corporate buddies who benefit from the slave labor of poor immigrants want to continue allowing immigrants in. If Bush really cared about Latinos and immigrant families he'd improve labor laws, raise the minimum wage, and harshly take on corporations who enslave immigrants like Taco Bell and Walmart. But no! No, Bush can't do that because nearly EVERY fast food chain, grocery store, and restaurant in this country donated heavily to his campaign (click here and see for yourself). No, the republicans just want to bamboozle Latinos in to voting for them while they abuse us and shoot us in the back, literally. Don't believe the hype, fight for labor and immigrant rights!


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