April 14, 2005

Bush & Sharon Cooking up Beef!

Not since the 50 cent and Game meeting has any staged appearance seemed so fishy. Sharon and Dubya have been meeting this week in Texas but finally the real motive is starting to leak out. When two war hawks meet up its only for war-planning reasons. Sure they'll tell the media that they are discussing the west bank and downplaying Iran's nuke threats... but we can smell something stank brewing out of that ranch and it's probably a plan to strike Iran. Remember: "The Bush Administration has been conducting secret missions in Iran since last summer, gathering intelligence on nuclear, chemical and missile sites and isolating targets for precision strikes." If an attack on Iran does happen... who do you think they are going to drag out there to fight a 3rd war? You guessed it, your average 50 Cent fan and low-income US minority. Like the war hawks say: "You Make more money in one day of War than you do in one year of Peace!"


At 4/14/2005 6:39 PM, Anonymous charlene k. said...

If this is so true then why isn't in in the news? Nobody is talking about Iran. This sounds like just a conspiracy theory. Sorry.

At 10/19/2006 2:10 PM, Anonymous J. Harman said...

Have you heard the rhetoric and hate from Iran towards us? Have you seen the terrorist support and training that comes from Iran? On another note, North Korea is interwoven with Iran, everything from missiles to Nuclear weapons support to propaganda (that the youth and less educated of America, are eating up).


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