March 17, 2005

WTF??? - There goes the World Bank

Talk about the bad news of BAD news. Bush is nominating one of the most notorious characters from the Bush Crime Family to head the World Bank. WTF?? Really, whut da fuk???

This is the douche bag that helped orchestrate the Iraqi invasion that resulted in the US spending BILLIONS of dollars on turning Iraq into another Islamic Theocracy (think Iran Jr.), and now Wolfo-bitch is nominated to head the international organization that has a "goal of eliminating global poverty and manages a US$20-billion annual loan portfolio to the world's poorest nations". Fat chance buddy! The Neo-Cons want to take over the world and twist the arm of poor nations with the World bank if they don't comply with the Bush Crime Family's model of running a Corporatocracy.

If you don't know the half then follow the links and READ! Again... WTF??? Just when you thought sh*t couldn't get any worse...


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