March 18, 2005

That's the Sound of your Tax Dollars goin' FLUSH!!!

Iraq could possibly be the biggest corporate scam in the history of modern man!

The latest news pouring out of Iraq is that Dick Cheney's own Haliburton and it's subsidies are swindling millions of dollars in ridiculous rebuilding contracts. In one instance they were getting paid 5.5 million dollars for a job that would normally go for $600,000. In the Asia Times online they report:

International watchdog group Transparency International said in its Global Corruption Report 2005 that profiteering threatens to undermine the reconstruction of Iraq, where most of the companies operating are US-based.

"When the size of a bribe takes precedence over value for money, the results are shoddy construction and poor infrastructure management," said Peter Eigen, chairman of Transparency International (TI), in a statement. "Corruption wastes money, bankrupts countries, and costs lives."

Why did we go into Iraq again? WMDs? Nope, we went in to rape, steal, and pillage the people of Iraq and our own tax dollars. Freedom is on the march, the freedom of big corporations to steal!


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