March 09, 2005

Tarantino might resurrect Jason

Good news for fans of the good ol' school cult classic "Friday the 13th", Director Quentin Tarantino who's famous for cooking up such classics as Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Reservoir Dogs, now has his eye on doing the next sequel for Camp Crystal Lake's most infamous resident. Who can forget the masterpiece blood-and-gore scenes from Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs that Quentin crafted on film? Imagine a Jason flick just as much mayhem but with an added plot line and some decent characters.

The last Jason flick, "Freddy vs. Jason" was like watching a cartoon. The supporting cast of teenage victims (that included Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child) was so god-awful that we were rooting for Freddy & Jason to keep killing em' at will. Now with Tarantino meeting with New Line Cinema execs this week over possibly taking over the helm, it gives promise to the future of the franchise.


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