March 04, 2005

Jadakiss to EAT 50 Cent Alive

Looks like 50 Cent has 2pac-itis, but he lacks the skills to fend off the growing-list of enemies he's racked up. Lets start with Jadakiss, one of the sickest lyricists alive (other than Caliba). On Jadakiss explained:
"Piggy Bank" was funny to me. He's gotta have something else. That can't be it, it's garbage!" Continuing, "I don't know what's wrong with 50," Kiss said. "But I thank him for the opportunity to [let me] air his ass out." In the upcoming diss track, Kiss taunts 50 with lines like, "I made actual songs with Biggie and you had to make fake ones." Kiss also spits, "Me without them things ringing, that's like 50 going on stage without singing." Word on the streets the track will be leaked next week.
Also, we don't know why 50 really kicked The Game out of G-Unit but in the end the beef will help BOTH of their albums sell like hot cakes. Jimmy Iovine will bank at the expense of 50, Jada, and The Game since he owns all of their asses at Interscope Records! If only these emcees could spend their energy attacking real problems like this class-war the Bush Crime Family is waging on the poor...


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