March 21, 2005

Hypocrisy 101: Delay & Dubya

Terry Schiavo, Terry Schiavo, Terry Schiavo!!!

Republicans took over the media's attention with the Terry Schiavo case and drowned out other important news items such as: 1) Tom Delay getting indicted for ethics abuses; 2) Allegations of Halliburton ripping off the Pentagon & US Tax payers; 3) Wolfo-bitch stepping up to the World Bank's top spot, therefore affecting the future of countless 3rd-world countries, especially in Latin America; 4) 2nd anniversary of Iraq war spurring massive protests & new reports showing that the US military is stretched too-thin to continue this illegal occupation.

These hypocrites are using this poor woman and her family's personal issue to drown out other issues and push their agenda further. Dubya is the rotten bastard who signed a law in Texas that allows Hospitals to pull the plug on patients if they cant pay the bill, causing the death of a 6-month old child, and now Bush is acting like he cares about Terry Schiavo.

Oh yeah, and Lil' Kim is gonna get time in prison, maybe she can drop a single featuring Shine and C-Murder called "Commissary Pimps".


At 3/21/2005 8:29 PM, Anonymous JackieG said...

Yeah when i read about the 6 month baby who died because of bush i was outraged too. Its almost too crazy to believe but this is the guy who is the president.


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