March 03, 2005

Fidel segregates his own people from the World

Talk about crazy, Fidel's government is prohibiting the people of Cuba from talking, mingling, becoming friends, accepting tips, or any other forms of contact with tourists and foreigners. How are you going to enforce that? Supposedly, Cubans who work in tourism must:
must limit their contact with foreigners to what is "absolutely necessary" for their work.
While in the company of foreigners, workers are also urged to remain faithful to Cuba's socialist system and abstain from opinions that go against the "prestige" of the country or workplace.

Again, why do governments try to keep the human spirit down? Why do governments try to suppress humans from expressing themselves, learning about new cultures (even when these cultures clash with the government's policies), and keep them from being... HUMAN? You can't keep the Cubans from getting their tips, any extra money they can get to feed their kids is necessary. Also, Cubans are cool people, they'll do what it takes to make their workday enjoyable, if that means kickin' it with some tourists and enjoying a fat cigar, Fidel you can't stop the Human Spirit! Beeyatch!


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