March 02, 2005

Electronic Monitors on Immigrants?

The Dept. Of "Homeland Security" is putting Anklets on Immigrants to keep track of them 24 hours a day. Supposedly they want to make sure they don't duck-out the system, but the real problem is that the department doesn't keep adequate records of immigrants seeking to become residents. So because some disorganized bastards in the government cant keep their records in order they are going to violate the Civil liberties, privacy, and the dignity of immigrants!

Actually I think it goes deeper than that. The Dept. Of Homeland security just needs guinea pigs to track for the coming of the VeriChip (which the FDA already approved). The Mark of the beast anyone? Call it a conspiracy theory or call it connecting-the-dots, but we need to speak up and defend the least among us before these violations are passed on to everyone!

(The infamous Verichip! Implanted in a fetus near you. Watch out for those satellites!)


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