March 14, 2005

Corrupt officials in Mexico catching "heat"

All of us who's families originated from some Latin-America country know that corrupt governments and police forces is the norm. But recently in Mexico the people are taking matters into their own hands and literally burning corrupt officials alive! CNN reports:
Scores of angry residents in the town of Magdalena Tequisistlan broke into a municipal government building to seize the [corrupt] officer, who was thrown from the third story to the town plaza, then doused with gasoline and set on fire, according to the Oaxaca state attorney general's office.
It's terrible that anyone's life had to end that way, but supposedly the officer had "shot a taxi driver on Friday night after arguing with the man at a bar". Karma is a bitch. Also in Panama citizens take matters into their own hands and give their corrupt government officials a beating for giving them a "beating". We say those corrupt governments need to clean up their act and let the people live in peace! (Before you get yo' ass whooped!)


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