March 10, 2005

Check your Posse at the Door

It looks like New York's Hot 97 is catching the heat from their landlord over the recurring shoot-outs and fights that take place when rappers show up with big crews, some, they say, come looking for trouble. Here are two of the most notable events :
A man associated with 50 Cent was shot outside the building when the rapper was on-air in Feb. 28, and Lil' Kim is currently on trial for perjury during the investigation of a shootout outside the music station.
The landlord's lawyer said:
"We have a problem with the number of people who come with them -- their posses," O'Dwyer said. Sometimes there are 20 or 30 people coming in and obviously some of them are armed coming through the door."
Wow, these rappers are doing wonders for the positive image of our culture. The next time police beat up another emcee you can thank your local rap celeb and their big mouth for adding fuel to the negative stereotype and stigma our people already carry!


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