March 28, 2005

ACLU vs. the Bush Crime Family!

From the patriot act to the military using torture, to feeding tubes and stickers on science books, the American Civil Liberties Union is fighting mad to keep Dubya and the gang from imposing their radical agenda on decent Americans (and immigrants)!

In a weird twist of fate, some conservative groups that would otherwise be bad-mouthing the ACLU, are now joining in the fight, namely to repel the God-awful Patriot Act (that is about as patriotic as fascism). CNN reports that this coalition of Left & Right wing groups aims to:
... repeal or let expire prosecutors' Patriot Act ability to easily obtain records in terrorism-related cases from businesses and other entities, including libraries; the provision that allows "sneak and peek" searches conducted without a property owner's or resident's knowledge and with warrants delivered afterward; and what they called an overbroad definition of "terrorists" that could include non-terrorism suspects.

Thank God the conservatives are finally coming around and taking notice that this administration is causing more harm than... anything for that matter! Email your local congress person, let them know you're on the side of the ACLU, keep our civil liberties protected and our feeding-tube decisions out of the government's hands!


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