May 12, 1999

Bill O'Reilly Stinks! Bumper Sticker ... Ludacris will love it.

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This sticker is dedicated to one of the most rotten bastards on FUX Newz: Bill O'Reilly. This guy is worse than body odor and here is the bumper sticker to prove it.

The arch nemesis of Ludacris who forced Pepsi to drop Luda from their ad campaign was mentioned in Luda's hit "Number One Spot". Luda shouted "Hey mister O'Reilly/ Don't forget to kiss the plaintiff and the wifey!" in reference to Bill O'Reilly's recent sexual harassment scandal where some alleged sex tapes of B.O. talkin derrty to a fellow FUX Newz employee popped up.

Bill O'Reilly is an enemy of Hip Hop and we aint having it anymore! Don't forget this guy also called the ACLU terrorists for filling a lawsuit against torture.

The Sticker reads: B.O. Stinks! And we aint talkin' body odor.

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